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 Balloon and Party Decor 
    For All Occasions!
A                                will transform a room unlike any other type of decor. The visual impact of balloons will add a unique touch to your event that will take your
 breath away.
A beautiful                           is the easiest way to set the tone for your party.Whether you are looking for a classic design or something custom made,we will create a centerpiece that will captures your them.
                                   are a great way
to announce the birth of a new baby to your friends and neighbors.
Surprise the new mom when she arrives home from the hospital with a stork!
We can have your sign 
posted with-in 24 hrs.
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     Middletown, NJ
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When it's time to plan that special occasion, Party Time Designs will work with you to ensure that your day will be a memorable one!
Sweet 16 - Bar& Bat Mitzvah - Anniversary - Birthday Parties - Communions - Confirmations - Graduations - Bridal & Baby Showers - Wedding and much more!
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